Denver's Finest Traditional Barbershop

Denver's Finest Traditional barbershop

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What's so special about 1907?

1907 was the year of the barber, back when being a barber meant more than just someone who cut your hair, being a barber meant you were a vital staple in the community. The barbershop used to be a cornerstone in a community, which welcomed everyone from the area to sit back, relax, talk politics and share a drink… and of course enjoy fine barbering services, done the right way. Your barber was somebody you trusted as a friend, as family. 

That’s what we are bringing back at Barbers of 1907: a community-centered, old school, traditional American barbershop that does things the right way. Barbers of 1907 feels like a home away from home. Barbers of 1907 is more than just a barbershop, it’s a place to come relax, converse about the world and what’s happening around town and to find an extended family away from home.


We look to take care of the people that make our community what it is, by displaying the work of local artists, giving discounts to all servicemen and civil servants and special pricing for kids and seniors. Come be a part of the beginning of resurrection of barbershop culture.

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Riley Bigelow

Barber / Co-Owner

Riley has been barbering for over 15 years professionally but in truth he grew up in a barbershop. When you meet Riley you already know he's from New York. It impacted him a way even the blind can see, part of it being from a culture that cultivated a love for barbering that stands out in his life and in his work. 



To contact Riley call (917) 783-6768

or email






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Taylor Cassaidy


Taylor Cassaidy, a licensed Cosmetologist of over a decade joins the Barbers of 1907 team to offer a variety of stylistic hair services. Taylor is single mother of one little boy and two chihuahuas. Taylor has worked as an apprentice under the creator of Feather Locks, as well as having received training in Wella Color, Brazilian Blow Out, Hot Heads, and Babe Tape hair extensions. Taylor has also attended attended straight razor hair cutting classes at Bumble & Bumble institute in NYC. Hair has been a long time passion of Taylor's and she looks forward to bringing that passion to Barbers of 1907.

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Words from our clients

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Ryan Sparzak

Gentleman, if you live in Denver, Colorado or Littleton, Colorado you gotta come on out to Barbers of 1907 Brook Stockton and the South Bronx Bomber Riley Bigelow have started something special. Nothing corporate about it, just personalized attention at a good value, and they are already investing in our community. They also keep it old school with the Reuzel Pomade Definitely get a straight-edged shave if you do come thru. 

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Justin Negri

"First time in today. And let me tell ya. You cant find a good barber anymore and Riley and Brook they are my new go to guys!!! I even let it slide that Riley is from New York! Anyway had Riley give me a cut and clean shave today and I couldn't be happier! Thanks fellas and I'll be back for sure!"


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Zach Zerr

"I've been getting my haircut by Riley since I met him four years ago. I have't gone to anyone else since and wouldn't consider it for a second. I don't trust just anyone with my hair and Riley has had me coming back from the start. I have always found it important to have a good relationship with your barber, and I am coming to Barbers of 1907 four years later for a reason."

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