More than a Barbershop

Barbers of 1907 is more than just a barbershop, its a community center. A place where people can gather, experience the community they live in beyond their own street. Our shop is somewhere that you come for more than a haircut, you come for the conversation, for the company and really for an experience uniquely American.

People cut hair all around the world, but it American barbershops were the standard back in the day. Long before smart phones, and more importantly long before chain saloons and hair dressers the American barbershop reigned supreme in the hair industry. Nothing rivaled the quality of work and experience you'd have in a classic American barbershop. Barbershops were honestly straight up "cool". The barbershop was the center of the community, your neighborhood barber always kept an interest in everyone. If you needed something, anything, you came to your barber. If he didn't know a guy, he knew a guy who knew a guy. He'd take care of you that way, and keep you looking fresh. Your relationship with your barber was one of great importance. Barbers were truly held in high esteem back then.  Going to get your haircut wasn't something you squeezed into your schedule to get knocked out in 20 minutes. You went to go see your barber, your haircut was just side part of the meeting.

Times changed, barbershops became less personal. People sit in chairs playing on their phones waiting to get their haircut in most places these days. As time went on it became harder and harder to find a good barber.

Barbers of 1907 is changing that. Bringing old school, done the right way, traditional, American barbering back to Denver. Our mission is to become a community center, Barbers of 1907 is somewhere you come for more than just a haircut, but for the barbershop experience, for the community, and sometimes to get away for a moment. The ladies have their saloons, spas and thats fine, but men of Colorado what do we have anymore? Not much, but you do have Barbers of 1907. Barbers of 1907 should be the staple of barbershop culture here in Colorado, when you see someone with a beard and a fresh fade you should assume they got themselves cleaned up by our Barbers. If you're sitting in our shop and a stranger walks in, you already have a bond with that person. An understanding of what it means to treat yourself as a man, and a respect that you share this understanding.