Men of Tradition

There's a reason so many of our first time clients become life time clients. A reason that goes beyond the haircut they get. You might think it strange for a business centered around hair to have a focus beyond that. We disagree, traditionally barbershops have always been community centered. Barbershops bring together people from all walks of life, from artist to servicemen, people who usually wouldn't be in the same place find themselves hanging out together.

 Everyone who comes back to our shop is part of a like minded family of men that share an unspoken understanding. These are the men who care about treating themselves right. It is hard to find a place that cultivates this culture anymore, but you know when you're apart of it. You can go anywhere to get your haircut these days. Bargain cuts, saloon cuts, chain cuts that charge you $20 - $25 every time for the same decent haircut, by someone you may or not break the ice with. These places tend not be anymore authentic than they have to be to get a tip. Our barbers have so many return clients because they care, and they care about doing things the right way. The old-school, traditional, American barbershop way. You don't come to Barbers of 1907 just for a haircut, simple as that. 

Once you come back you're family, you are part of a community of people that share a set of beliefs, unspoken but well understood. If you've ever been into Barbers of 1907 you know what I'm talking about. If not, it'll be the best thing you ever checked out in Colorado. Come be apart of our family, everyone is welcome.